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G and H

Gardner Battery Gun None H.A.G. Pomeroy
Gatling Guns   Hale & Tuller
Gem Blank Cartridge Pistol   Halls Breech Loading Percussion Rifle
Gem Pocket Revolver   Hamilton Boys Rifle
George Smith Animal Gun   Harmon Fife Revolver
G & J Chapman Revolver   Harrington Richardson
Governor Revolver   Harrington Richardson Double Action Revolvers
G.P. Foster Klein Needle Gun   Harrington Richardson Handy Gun
Gross Arms Co   Harrington Richardson Rifles
    Harrington Richardson Semi Auto Pistols
    Harrington Richardson Shotguns
    Harrington Richardson Single Shot
    Harrington Richardson Trade Names
    Harrington Richardson Trade Names 2
    Harrington Volley Gun
    Hawthorne Firearms
    Haviland & Gunn
    Hellinghaus Pocket Pistol
    Henry Repeating Arms
    Henry Slotterbeck
    Hercules, Kresege, K-Mart, Thunderbolt,
Kroydon, Mossberg
    Hibbard, Spencer & Bartlett
    Hood Firearms Co
    Hopkins Allen Company
    Hopkins & Allen Derringer
    Hopkins & Allen Pocket Revolver
    Hopkins & Allen Revolver
    Hubble Sporting Rifle
    Hubertus Air Pistol
    Hunt Repeating Rifle
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